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TEST OF VANITY (Context Sample)

Jamal lurched on his bed consistently. He was panting irritatingly. His sleep got weird as time went by. He would kick, grunt, and talk unceasingly in his horrifying dream. His two roommates were disturbed and awakened from his tensing experience. It was one of the worst that they had seen with Jamal. They devised a trick to stop the commotion. Ronnie was always a starter of the common bad and Rasto had blindly put on with his mischievousness. They had thought deeply before Ronnie had come up with the plan. They shuddered a bit before exploiting the vile intention that had overwhelmed their minds. They wanted to cast Jamal out in the cold, and they would do it at all cost.

Test of Vanity Novel Book
Test of Vanity Novel Book

VICTORY AT LAST (Context Sample)

A psyched-up siren in the military base created a long-lasting pother before it went calm again. The military teams assembled before general Fidel for information in the meeting room. As long as the siren had sounded, there was a refined mission to pursue. All the military men were eager and confident as the general matched in the forward-backward row in front to unleash the conventional mission. Two of them stood to help connect the projector as usual for the ordeal intervention. The new and fresh recruits were excited over their first mission – that was if they were landed on.

Victory At Last
Victory At Last

TRAPPED IN CRAZE (Context Sample)

Edged onto thoughts of disaster and wondering where life was taking me, I had quite reached my limit. Nothing was encouraging, not life, not death, and not my surrounding parties. It was all me and I had to face it all alone. Like a soldier, I armored my conscience with something hopeful to count on for my future but it was as well slippery. You can only stand when standing had proved you right for its mission, I guessed it so. My turning point was as vague as an aborted child. Literally, it was not what my teachers told me – let me leave my parents aside. I bore them with great esteem, but at that point of hiding what fights I had to face for me to realize something meaningful, I may not find it in my heart to forgive. This uncaptured course had made my life unfulfilling like a detergent bubble whose aim of reaching the surface was all but for bursting open. Now I had to undo other beliefs and knot in new working lessons that would deliver me a gold-digging harvest.

Trapped in Craze
Trapped in Craze

AWITI THE JOKER (Context Sample)

Awiti hurled from the window and hit the ground with a thud. Tina stretched out his neck to see if he was ok. He limped towards the gate where he dodged being sighted by the gateman. The gateman had heard sure echoes of footsteps. On many occasions, he had been having terrible dreams of wild animals’ footsteps. But that was a sure one from his awakeness. He stealthily extended to see what the creature was, his efforts were devastated. Awiti kept intact at his back; as he moved clockwise, Awiti moved with him. This went on until he managed to escape from the gateman without being seen by him. Fortunately, he had not locked the gate, so when Awiti pulled the metal lining, he easily escaped. The gateman remained howling abuses on to him.

Awiti the Joker!
Awiti the Joker!
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